Sinus lift – what you should know about it

Fogkorona Sopron.

Sinus lift is a common dental procedure that is usually performed prior to implant placement. The maxillary sinus is located in the upper jaw and is sometimes so low that the implants cannot be placed at the correct height. This procedure helps to improve contact with the bone mass and allows the implant to be placed in the correct position.

Sinus lift is a relatively simple procedure that is performed under local anaesthesia. The surgical area is first sterilised, then a small incision is made in the mucosa. Then the floor of the maxillary sinus is lifted and the space is filled with a special material. This material is usually a type of bone substitute material that creates a permanent bond with the appropriate bone mass for the implants.

After the maxillary sinus is lifted, it is usually necessary to take it easy for a short time and avoid intense physical activity. Medications and painkillers prescribed by your doctor can help relieve discomfort after surgery. After surgery, it usually takes 4-6 months for the bone substitute to settle in and heal completely.

Sinus lift is a very effective procedure prior to implant placement and helps patients return to daily life as soon as possible. The procedure is performed after consultation between the dentist and the patient and is always tailored to individual circumstances. If you are interested in a sinus lift, talk to your dentist and ask if this procedure is an option for you.