Please read guarantee conditions!

We provide the following guarantees for our dental prosthesis

Dental implants: 5 years.
Crowns: 5 years.
Fillings: 1 year.
Inlays/Onlays/Veneers: 1 year.
Dentures: 1 year.

Conditions of guarantee:

  • at least one control per year at Coradent dentistry.
  • dental treatments recommended by your dentist and preserving dental hygiene (e.g. calculus removal, rebasing of denture)
  • Intended use of denture (e.g. biting walnut is not recommended)
  • daily cleaning of denture (not with toothpaste, because it makes its surface rough, using dish soap is rather recommended)
  • guarantee does not cover trauma, bone and any soft tissue disease
  • settling the invoice of the dental treatment

Guarantee is not valid in the following cases:

  • annual control at Coradent dentistry  did not take place
  • bad (not appropriate) dental hygiene, heavy containment of denture
  • not intended use of denture/ prosthesis, in case of bruxism the lack of protection (rails)
  • damages of the implant due to smoking, cancellous bone replacement and soft tissue surgery
  • in case of trauma or damage due to contact sport
  • diseases, masticatory system injuries that appeared due to systemic diseases or their treatment (e.g. radiotherapy, intubation)
  • damages due to mental illness or their treatment (e.g.: xerostomia when taking anti-depressants)
  • in case of those canal therapy treatments which became necessary during a previous treatment (filling, preparation of the tooth for a crown)
  • allergy to such dental materials which were unknown before treatment
  • dental treatment or any dental prosthesis repair not executed by a doctor from Coradent dentistry.

Legal disclaimer:

In case you have received a previous treatment plan by post or email at your request, before the personal health check-up took place, it may happen that your personal treatment plan will change after consultation. In this case you will be informed.

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