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Every dental treatment starts with a careful health check and a consultation. This is the only way to make a perfect and 100%  personalized treatment plan.

*Radiography and CBCT Imaging fees must be paid.

Consultation is free of charge!

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Dental hygiene

Our professionally prepared dental hygiene colleagues remove dental calculus with the help of the most modern technologies and materials. Thus we can avoid occurrent tooth decay and periodontal diseases which can even lead to losing teeth.

Your breath will be healthy and fresh!

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White dental fillings

Our Sopron dentistry does not use amalgam fillings anymore. Instead, we use high quality, quick light-cured resin composites which contain 75% ceramic filling. With this technique final results will be realistic and the filling will have the same color as the original teeth.

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Root canal therapy

If the inner part of the tooth gets inflamed, we remove the dental pulp and the nerve with the help of root canal therapy. After, we make a root-canal filling to close the prepared root-canal. Root canal therapy is carried out with great care, professional instruments and anesthesia. Thus the treatment can take place in a calm environment, painlessly.

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Tooth jewelry

We fix the jewelry to the tooth with a special glue, which has no harmful influence on the dental enamel. The jewelry can be removed or changed for a more fashionable one any time. There is no trendier solution to crown a beautiful female smile!

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Dental bleaching

In our health centers we use the internationally acknowledged dental bleaching systems of Opalescence®. With the help of the surgery system we can reach even 6-7 times whiter results in 4×15 minutes. It is a very gentle procedure, which protects the gum and the adamantine layer during treatment.

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Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is a three dimension digital x-ray imaging method, which offers a great solution for the millimeter accurate imaging of bone structures with a minimal dose of radiation. 

A CBCT has a role in diagnosing dental plexus, for example cyst and granuloma.

We make CBCT imaging for everyone!

Children's dentistry

Aesthetic fillings of primary teeth and making of sealing of pit and fissure. With the right treatment, we extend the lifetime of primary teeth. It is important to start the treatment of the child’s caries, as it can corrupt permanent teeth.

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